Beirut, sanayeh, toufic tabbara street , tabbara center, 5th floor

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sanayeh, toufic tabbara street , tabbara center, 5th floor

123 456 789

Goldsmith Hall

New York, NY 90210

07:30 - 19:00

Monday to Friday

Bibi Preschool

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Child's Full Name
Name Child is Usually Called
Birth Date (Month/Date/Year)
Gender FemaleMale
Language(s) Spoken at HOME
With which is your child most comfortable?
Home address
Fathers Full Name
Employer and Position
Home address
Mother's Name
Employer and Position
Preferred Telephone
Marital Status
With Whom Does the Child Live?
Please share the names of other persons in the household and their relationship with your child

Later this fall, BIBI Preschool will schedule a small group session for your child. Prior to your child's visit, we will review the information provided in detail. Your responses help us as we work to build rapport with your child, to best support your child's engagement, and to get to know your child. Thank you for your responses. Please handwrite or type your responses. Using a 10 – 12 point font.
1. Select three words that first come to mind in describing your child. For each, explain why this selected word describes your child.
2. Describe your child in a social setting. What group experiences has your child had? How does your child respond to familiar and unfamiliar environments?
* At BIBI Preschool, one way to build community in our classroom is through songs and shared experiences
Admissions Timeline
Bibi Preschool includes a completed application form, submission of an application processing fee, and a small group visit for your child.
Registration Fee
A registration fee of 400 Thousands L.L. is required to process the application. Checks are accepted and can be mailed to the preschool office, with the application form.
Only completed applications will be considered for admission.
Note that BP Fees Include:
1- Curriculum
2- Activities
3- Lunch, light Snacks and fruits
4- Medical services and First Aid

Extra professional service
Rehabilitation and Counselling will be provided whenever needed

Transportation available within the area for 100,000 L.L./month

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