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Assessment Battery of Developmental Assessment (BDA)


Recent research in the field of educational psychology has shown that many students with special needs fail in school, as they are unable to solve their personal problems and face difficulties in finding appropriate ways of directing their attitudes and behavior.

The Battery of Development Assessment (BDA) is a dynamic tool that focuses on the student’s positive traits and abilities, and develops his or her decision-making and problem solving skills. In addition, the BDA emphasizes the student’s social, emotional, and mental abilities.

It targets students who are suffering delays in their schooling because they are either gifted or have learning difficulties with different needs. It is for teachers, counselors, and educators, particularly for special education teachers. They get trained to administer the BDA.

Research has shown that 20 percent of the students in any class have special needs and that the available tests are not attuned to Arab cultures. Furthermore, more than two-thirds of the assessment tools used for the purpose of screening, identification, and diagnosis do not possess appropriate psychometric specifications for reliable and valid measurements. These tools cannot be utilized in accordance with the new developmental changes of these children during the process of intervention and can only be used for a short period of time.

The BDA is a tool that is culturally fair and standardized to the norms and values of this community.

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